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Pub of the Year

Welcome to East Norfolk CAMRA's Pub of the Year Selection website.

The competition is run annually and one award is:

  • Branch Pub of the Year (PotY)

The winners are selected using scores entered by Branch Members - for full details click on the Selection Process selection to the left.

Subsequent Rounds

The Branch Pub of the Year will go forward to compete for Norfolk Pub of the Year, against the West Norfolk Branch PotY and the Mid-Anglia Branch PotY (if it is in Norfolk!).

The Norfolk PotY then goes forward to the East Anglian regional round, and, if selected, could potentially go on through a super-regional round to National Pub of the Year.

Selection Process


One award is given:

  • Branch Pub of the Year (PotY)

All of the above awards will be selected by a voting / scoring process involving the Branch membership.

The Committee may award additional PotY awards, e.g. Most Improved PotY, and/or Pubs of the Season, at their discretion. These awards may be given based on criteria of the Committee's choosing, and selection of the winner(s) may or may not involve the Branch membership.


Any Branch Member may nominate a pub or pubs in the Branch Area for PotY, by email to pubs@norwichcamra.org.uk or in writing to the Pubs Officer, or if available via this website www.norwichcamra.org.uk/en_poty/nominations

Nominations close at the end of January.

Long List

The Branch Committee will review the nominated pubs at the February Committee meeting, and agree a Long List of pubs for scoring by the membership.

Nominated pubs will only be excluded from the Long List if they:

a) Do not regularly serve real ale as defined by CAMRA, or

b) Contravene any other CAMRA policies

However, the Committee may, exceptionally, exclude any pub at their discretion, without giving reasons, if they believe the pub's inclusion would be incompatible with CAMRA's or the Branch's aims. (Pubs may be excluded at any time during the selection process).


All Branch members, including the owners and customers of pubs on the list, are entitled to score the pubs on the Long List.

Scores may be submitted online or in person.

Online scoring via the Branch website will be available from as soon as possible after the February Committee Meeting to midday of the day before the February Branch Meeting.

Scores may be submitted in person at the February Branch Meeting, using the forms which will be available on presentation of a valid current Membership Card. Members may only submit scores in person if they have not submitted scores online.

Scores will be in the range 0 - 5 (whole numbers only), where 5 is the maximum (best) score and 0 the minimum (worst).

Members may opt not to score a pub, for example if they don't know it well enough.

Final Selection

Once scoring has closed (after the February Branch Meeting) the Pubs Officer will scrutinise the scores and may discard any believed to have been submitted in bad faith (for example, scoring 5 for one pub and 0 for all the rest).

Pubs which do not have sufficient scores will be eliminated. To be included in the final selection, a pub must have been scored by at least half the scorers, or by ten or more scorers, whichever is lower.

A score will then be calculated for each pub, as follows:

Mean = Mean of all valid scores for that pub, to 2 decimal places

Std Dev = Standard Deviation of all valid scores for that pub, to 2 decimal places

Score = Mean - Std Dev

The Std Dev is included to differentiate between pubs with the same Mean, and favour the more consistent pub, i.e. the one with the lower variation in scores.

The Branch City PotY will be the City pub with the highest Score.

The Branch Rural PotY will be the Rural pub with the highest Score.

The Branch PotY will be the City or Rural pub with the highest Score.

Important Dates

Nominations for Pub of the Year close at the end of January.

Online scoring usually happens for two weeks in February.

Members can also submit scores in person at the February Branch Meeting.