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Welcome to East Norfolk CAMRA's Good Beer Guide Selection Website.

The Good Beer Guide is fully revised and updated every year with details of more than 4,500 pubs across the country serving the best real ale. From country inns to urban style bars and backstreet boozers, all selected and reviewed by over 155,000 CAMRA members, this is your definitive guide to finding the perfect pint.

  • Complete entries for over 4,500 urban and rural pubs, giving details of food, opening hours, beer gardens, accommodation, transport links, pub history, disabled access and facilities for families.
  • Informative features section, with articles on pubs, beer and brewing, as well as beer festival listings from around the country.
  • All pubs are nominated, evaluated and reviewed by local CAMRA volunteers and we never charge for entries
  • Unique brewery section listing all the breweries in the UK - micro, regional and national - that brew real ale, with tasting notes for hundreds of their beers written by a trained CAMRA tasting panel.

Selection Process


The GBG Selection Process is essentially continuous, with pubs being nominated, visited, surveyed, scored and selected on an annual cycle, between early summer and spring of the following year. Each step is explained in detail below.


  • Any East Norfolk Branch member may nominate a pub or pubs for the Guide, using this website - just click here.
  • Nominations close when surveying begins.
  • Any pub in the Branch area may be nominated, and all pubs nominated will go forward to the Survey stage, provided they serve real ale in accordance with CAMRA guidelines, and have not changed hands in the recent past (subject to exceptions agreed by the Committee).
  • A list of nominated pubs will be maintained and displayed on this website.


Nominated pubs will be visited informally by members during the year.

Members are encouraged to submit beer scores to the National Beer Scoring System via WhatPub.com - these will be reviewed, and an average of submitted scores will be available to members participating in the scoring process.

The committee will review any pub with multiple independent scores below the Branch average, and may withdraw the pub(s) from the selection process.


As far as possible, all nominated pubs will be surveyed between December and February, ideally by someone other than the member nominating the pub. If you would like to help by surveying one or more pubs, please click here.

Online Scoring

Online scoring of all nominated pubs opens in February, and closes shortly before the scoring meeting (February Branch Meeting). Full details will be published to members at the time.

Members will be able to score any and all pubs they have visited during the previous 12 months, provided they have no significant financial interest in the pub. A scale of 0-5 will be used, with the member's own NBSS score for each pub, and the average NBSS score for the pub shown.

In-person Scoring

Members who wish to score pubs in person may do so at the Febraury Branch Meeting, provided they haven't already scored the pubs online.

A sub-committee of five members will also be elected at this meeting, to validate the process and make the final selection.

Any member can stand for election to the sub-committee (known as the Scrutineers), provided they will be available for the Scrutineers Meeting, which will be held as soon as possible following the scoring meeting, at a time and venue convenient for all.


The Scrutineers Meeting will be held as agreed at or soon after the February Branch Meeting. All scores will be reviewed, and an average calculated for each pub. Any scores believed to have been submitted outside the letter and/or spirit of the process may be excluded at this point. The scrutineers will make the final decision as to which pubs are selected, up to the Branch quota, currently 70, using the following criteria:

  • Pubs with the highest average score to be selected, subject to other requirements being met.
  • A reasonable geographical spread should be achieved, with no significant over- or under-representation.
  • Where pubs just above and below the 'cut' have very similar scores, the Scrutineers will use their collective judgement to decide which pubs are to be included in the GBG.
  • The Scrutineers will determine the minimum number of scores pubs must have for a valid average to be calculated. This will depend on the total number of scorers participating. Pubs with fewer than this minimum may still be included in the selection at the Scrutineers discretion.


Results will not be announced, but will be available as soon as the Guide is launched, in the September following the selection process.

Important Dates


Nominations: April 21st, 2021 to April 21st, 2021


Surveys should be completed as soon as possible, and must be completed by the end of February 2021.


On-line scoring started on April 21st, 2021, and closed at 8pm on April 21st.

Scores were submitted in person at the February Branch meeting, held at on April 21st, 2021 at 8pm.

Scrutineers Meeting

Within a week or so of scoring closing.

Results Announced

The 2022 Good Beer Guide was published in late August 2021.